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Information Boots

Information Boots

Size chart

The following size chart will help you convert German/European sizes to English/Australian sizes and vice versa. Please note that for most of our shoes, the half UK sizes have the same sole length as the corresponding full size. The shoes are just cut a little roomier. Insoles such as Outback Insoles (available in 2 or 4 mm thickness) can help if the shoe is a bit too big/wide, or if you want it to fit with both thin and thick socks. Simply place an extra insole in the shoe when wearing it with thin socks and remove it when wearing thick socks.

Size Chart

Inside lengths

The following table gives you an indication of the inside length of our popular shoe brands. Please note that these are only approximate measurements and are not binding. Whether a shoe fits depends on many factors - not just length. For a suitable comparison value, measure the length of the insole of a well-fitting shoe at the longest point.
Note: Half UK sizes are not listed, as these are the same inside length as the corresponding full UK size for most of our shoes. This means, for example, that size 5.5 has the inside length of size 5.

Inside lengths

For the Blundstone Boots you can use the following table as a guide. Again, please note that these are only approximate measurements and are not binding. Whether a shoe fits depends on many different factors - not only the length.

Blundstone Boots Size Chart

Fitting Guide

Kids' feet are just as individual as the kids themselves - making it all the more difficult to choose shoes that fit. With our "Fitting Guides" for Yabbies Kids' Boots, you can easily download and print out templates. Simply place your child's feet (in socks) on the template. The back edge of the heel should be flush with the outline - use a book, for example, that you place perpendicular to the outline. Your child's feet are probably not the same size. The larger foot is the most decisive for the choice of size. Note that the child's foot requires a length allowance of 12 - 17 mm. This is the only way that the foot will have enough freedom of movement in the shoe afterwards.

To download the Fitting Guide in the respective size, please click on the corresponding icon. To open the file, you will need Acrobat Reader, for example.




Care instructions

Leather shoes require a certain amount of care to last long. You can remove coarse, dry dirt with a shoe brush. You can also remove dirt with lukewarm water. For further care, however, the shoe must be dry. Smooth leather shoes can be cared for with a suitable leather care product. We recommend Australian Formula Leather Care. Rough, suede and nubuck leather should not be treated with such care products. Special nubuck leather brushes and special sprays are suitable for this purpose.

Important note: Damp or wet shoes should never be dried in direct sunlight or next to a heat source (e.g. oven or heater), as this can deform the leather. Give your shoes some time to dry and store them in a dry and not too cold place.

Reduced shoes

Our reduced shoes may have small imperfections in colour, upper leather, sole or the stitching, as well as wear marks from a fitting.

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