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Hats & Boots and Accessories. Australian Style / Australian Made. Proven outdoor clothing for hikers and farmers. Comfortable, durable and useful.

For more than 25 years we have enjoyed trading Australian goods. It all began in 1992, in Ostertorsteinweg in Bremen. First only retail in the shop, then later wholesale and mail order were added. Over the years we have done a lot of pioneering work and today we trade all over Europe.

JIM BOOMBA Boots im Outback Company Australian Shop


The JIM BOOMBA Chelsea Boots are made of the best materials in Europe. The upper is premium cowhide, the lining is leather and textile. The non-slip tread sole is made of PU/TPU material and is comfortable, durable and waterproof at the same time.

JIM BOOMBA Boots im Outback Company Australian Shop

Yabbies Kids' Boots

The Yabbies Kids Boots are made of the best materials in Europe. Kids shoes made of genuine leather in Australian design. These little boots are the perfect companions for the little ones: running, playing, romping - the Yabbies do everything with.

Akubra Hats On Top Down Under. The world famous hats from Australia.

AKUBRA HATS 'On Top Down Under'

The world-famous outback hats from Australia. Here you can find our Akubra hat assortment. Akubra hat styles in sizes from 51-64cm. Country Styles: Coober Pedy, Cattleman, Coolabah, Leisure Time, Tablelands and Snowy River. Classic Styles: Avalon, Traveller. Akubra hats are available in wholesale and retail.


Redback Boots / Australien

REDBACK BOOTS 'The 100% Australian Boot Company'

The boots with the Redback Spider logo are manufactured in Sydney / Australia. In contrast to the poisonous Redback spiders, the Redback Boots are very popular in Australia. The Redback Boot Company has also established dealer networks in the USA and Europe - all the way to Lilienthal. Redback Boots are perfect for life in the country. Real Aussie Farm- & Country Boots. We offer Redback Boots in wholesale and retail.

Blundstone Footwear / Australien

BLUNDSTONE FOOTWEAR 'Australian since 1870'

Blundstone Boots - also affectionately called Blunnies - are real "no nonsense, go anywhere, do anything" boots. The company is located in Hobart, Tasmania / Australia. We have Blundstone Classic Styles 500 / 510 / 1329, Comfort Styles 550 and 585. We've been selling Blundstone Boots already for over 25 years.

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